Bacillus clausii has 3 Resistance Modes

When it comes to gut health, there are few greater allies to you than that of Bacillus clausii. Once these abundant bacteria colonize the intestine, existing imbalance is far less likely to affect your daily life through symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and more.

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are designed to either kill or inhibit the growth of most forms of bacteria. Bacillus clausii bacteria is resistant to this process, and can be used together with antibiotics as it is less likely to be weakened or wiped out.

Gastro-Bile Resistance

Many forms of bacteria die when they meet with the acidic contents of the stomach, particularly bile. Bacillus clausii is resistant to this environment, passing through alive in order to colonize the intestine.

Thermo Resistance

When exposed to high temperatures, Bacillus clausii spores survive and retain their potency. Products containing Bacillus clausii are convenient to carry and travel with as they do not require refrigeration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Erceflora works with the body to restore natural balance in the gut. You’ve probably got a few questions for us; check out our FAQ.

  • Bacillus clausii spores have the ability to survive the naturally acidic environment of the stomach, in order to successfully reach the intestinal tract.

  • Bacillus clausii treatment is instrumental in maintaining gut health. It works to correct existing gut imbalance, as well as prevent future occurrence, helping you lead a more balanced life from the inside out.

  • The 4 strains of Bacillus clausii bacteria found in Erceflora® products hold specific genes that make them resistant to certain antibiotics.

  • Our gut relies on a delicate balance of intestinal flora, also known as microbiota, for proper functioning. Lifestyle choices, stress, poor diet and antibiotic treatment are all factors that can lead to a lack of intestinal flora. Bacillus clausii spores suspension acts as a probiotic, restoring the microbiota so that our gut can heal.

Gut Disorders

Digestive disorders stemming from intestinal imbalance tend to manifest differently in adults and children. Do any sound familiar?

Gut Disorders in Adults

Gut Disorders in Children


Our Product

Erceflora® aims to prevent or help recover from a number of conditions associated to poor intestinal wellbeing as a result of imbalance microbiota for both kids and adults.

Gut disorders triggered by one or more of these scenarios can be prevented by taking Erceflora® Gut Defense daily. Symptoms can also be alleviated by taking Erceflora® Gut Restore as soon as they manifest.

Stay Informed

Learn how different daily triggers could be contributing to intestinal disorder, and how a good probiotic could be the ally you never knew you needed!