The Key to a Happy Life is Feeling Good Inside

Sometimes daily life can put strain on the gut, often leading to uncomfortable digestive symptoms. When intestinal disorders threaten to make you feel particularly out of balance, Erceflora® can help! Erceflora® Gut Defense helps enhance the intestinal ecology, while Erceflora® Gut Restore aids to the enhancement of natural resistance to intestinal infection of children and adults alike!


Common Tummy Problems

How does your tummy feel? When intestinal flora is unbalanced, it can result in symptoms like Diarrhea, constipation, stomach ache, bloating and poor appetite. 

But you can prevent or recover from these with Erceflora®. Prevention by taking Erceflora® Gut Defense daily and recovery by taking Erceflora® Gut Restore when you start experiencing symptoms.


Gut Disorders and Symptoms

Uncomfortable digestive conditions are our gut’s way of letting us know that something has become out of balance. Learn how to identify these different symptoms — are any familiar to you?

Our Product

Erceflora® Kiddie will scan the gut for intestinal flora imbalance, and deliver billions of good bacteria that helps treat both the condition and associated symptoms.

Stay Informed

Getting to know your gut, and identifying your personal triggers, is the first step to better intestinal health. Stay informed as to how gut microbiota become negatively affected by everything from traveling to seasonal changes, and how to bring about internal balance to your life.